Sapci products - Ready mixed concrete

Ready mixed concrete

What does ready-mixed concrete mean?

Ready-mixed Concrete, commonly known as “BPE”, is concrete produced in a concrete batching plant, then transported to the site in mixer trucks. It can then be implemented by means of a "conveyor belt" or a concrete pump.

Its technical characteristics allow multiple adaptations of shapes, aspects and colors while maintaining its qualities of resistance, density and longevity.

The advantages of ready-mixed concrete:

Quick and easy implementation
- Simplicity of supply
- Save space on site
- Delivery of large and small quantities to several points of the site
- Saving time thanks to the associated services (pump truck ...)

A favorable total cost
- No loss of materials
- Less labor

Guaranteed quality
- Precise composition thanks to an automatic and controlled weighing system
- Quality of raw materials controlled in our laboratories
- Efficient and powerful mixing allowing a good homogeneity of the concrete
- Regular control of concrete manufactured by our laboratories
- Receipt of a “delivery form” guaranteeing the quality of the supplied concrete

Why choose SAPCI concrete?

On its development path in the "BPE" market, SAPCI has based itself on seven (07) keys:

1- Product innovation
2- The expertise of teams and adapted customer services
3- Adequate logistical means
4- Consistent quality at all levels
5- Sustained investments
6- A strong commitment to sustainable development
7- A desire to operate in complete safety

The development of specific products or formulas and quality monitoring are coordinated by the SAPCI quality department with the support of laboratories qualified in the field of construction materials and in accordance with Standard EN206-1. This has enabled the company to offer a wide range of products suitable for all uses, namely: (blinding concrete, shotcrete, concrete for Foundations, concrete for piles, retarded concrete, fluid concrete, accelerated concrete, filling concrete, printed concrete... etc.)

Choosing SAPCI "BPE" means guaranteeing the quantity and quality of the product, and making the work on sites more easier.

- A phone call is enough to have a precise quantity of concrete delivered.
- Delivery of concrete can be done simultaneously at several points on the site.
- No raw material clutters the site
- The associated services facilitate the implementation
- The work can begin as soon as the mixer truck arrives.