Sapci products - Shotcrete

Ready mixed concrete - Shotcrete


Industrial micro-concrete to be sprayed by wet process, conforms to Standard EN206-102, Pre-mixed in the factory and made from:

- Hydraulic binder in accordance with Standard EN 197.1: CEM II 42.5 (on request).
- Silico-limestone aggregates with grain size 0/8mm in accordance with Standard EN13139 and NF EN 12620:2
- Filler conforming to Standard EN13139, and optional, with dosages adapted to the specifications of the site.
- Metallic fibers or polypropylenes (on request).
- Colorants (on request).

Resistance class C25/30 (other resistance classes possible on request: C30/C37, C35/C45, C40/C50), These results are measured in the laboratory at 20 +/- 2 ° C with a mixing rate of 10%, the results obtained on site may be influenced by application conditions such as air and substrate temperature as well as by the qualification and experience of the designer.


- Filling of cavities
- Strengthening of structures
- Realization of anchored walls
- Consolidation of foundations, dikes, embankments, shores
- Vault comfort
- Re-lining galleries -Stabilization of walls, support, repair of shaped walls
- Construction of galleries, repair of tunnels, underground work.
- Realization of sewerage networks, visitable sewer maintenance
- Repair of structures or equipment of works of art.
- Basins and swimming pools


- The implementation of concrete must be carried out in compliance with the rules and standards in force
- Air and support implementation temperature: from +5 to 35 ° C
- Projection on clean, healthy and unfrozen support
- After recognition and sounding of the support and treatment, the concrete is sprayed by wet process using a suitable spraying machine (refer to the machine manufacturer's instructions)
- Project in layers of 20 to 40mm. Depending on the type of application and the thickness to be projected, the support may be covered beforehand with a reinforced mesh


- Allows to get rid of the tedious handling of heavy and bulky formwork
- Simplicity of implementation compared to formwork solutions
- Rapidity of implementation
- Improved safety of wall holding
- Adaptability of the concrete to the shape of the supports