Sapci products - Permeable concrete

Ready mixed concrete - Permeable concrete


The permeable concrete offered by SAPCI, is composed of aggregates and hydraulic binders tinted in the mass by natural oxides. It is from its composition (crushed gravel, color, fiber or admixture, cement, sand and water) and mainly from its application that permeable concrete derives its strengths. Both technical and customizable, it offers many advantages.


- A wide choice of colors
- A large choice of colors and shapes for a "decoration" effect (cobblestone patterns, Garonne pebbles ...)
- Resistance to all bad weather and great resistance over time
- A homogeneous and non-slip rendering
- An aspect of the natural water cycle thanks to its permeability
- Simplified daily maintenance: no weeding and no dust

Concrete is a surprising new technological and environmentally friendly material. It uses a natural process to regulate the temperature of the soil and its water supply.
With SPACI solutions, you gain in comfort whether you are a professional or an individual:

You will never have puddles again: thanks to the natural infiltration of rainwater into the ground, your exterior will always remain clean and reliable. Finally, aesthetic expansion joints: as with conventional concrete, draining concrete needs expansion joints. SAPCI offers you aesthetic paver joints, for a final result that meets your expectations.

Support for draining concrete:

The support can be constituted by natural or treated soil, but more generally by a quarry whole compacted and adjusted to the shapes of the project. The thickness of these filler materials will be at least 10 to 15cm. In the case of a draining soil, the contracting authority will check the permeability of the support. It is also possible to pour porous concrete on an existing concrete or asphalt pavement, on which the water will flow.